Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hello Holo :)

What? Another nail post. Yes. I really need to mix things up a bit before this blog turns into a nail polish blog but I am trying to get back into the habit of updating my blog more frequently and nail polish is the only thing I can stick my teeth into at the moment. I hope the little beauty I have to share with you will make up for it.


Hot from the Boots oven, this is 'Silver' 17's take on the holographic trend. About time the high street gave Gosh Holographic a little bit of competition. The Silver Holo is much more subtle that the legendary holographic from Gosh, recently renamed 'one night only'.It also doesn't quite have the 'metallic wave' effect which you find on your typical holographic craft paper, but it still just as hypnotising.


Like the Gosh Holo, you just can't quite comprehend what's on your fingers, the effect is just so magical. Application was far more superior than the Gosh Holo: effortless, smooth, with the added bonus of being fast drying.


You need this in your life.



The end.

what: 'Silver' Holo Nail Polish from Boots 17 Cosmetics
where: erm, Boots.
how much: £2.99 or £3.99 (I don't remember)
bought by me

SunA big wave to my blogging friends Claire (Eyelining Obsessions) and Liz (Cappuccino Lace) for joining me tonight for a #bloggingdate.Rolling on the floor laughing


sasdothat said...

so nice, must pick up a few

Ess-Jay24 said...

I need this, not tried the Gosh one but this looks really pretty!

Louise said...

Gahhh I can't find this nowhere near me seems to have it yet :(

Anitacska said...

Pretty! :) What's a bloggingdate?


I like it! Holo's are addictive! Looks great on you x x x

liloo said...

@anitacska a blogging date is a little informal challenge. the idea came from @sirvinya. We were both struggling with our mojo and lacked something to update our blog. So one day, we set ourselves a little challenge: that we would both update our respective blogs (she updated hers and i update mine) at the same time (8pm) the following day. it's just a way to force ourselves updating our blogs, in the hope that it will give us the motivation to carry on afterwards and stop the tumbleweeds growing in/our blogs :) xx

Anitacska said...

Oh I see. :) I have the mojo and the ideas, I sadly lack the time instead. :(

Lela said...

I am so surprised by the consistency! That looks gorgeous :)

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Robyn said...


Fashion Floozy said...

that colour is HOT!

Jesss said...

WOW. I need to get to Boots ASAP!
I love Technic's Holo nail polish from Bodycare, it's about £1.49 I think!

Jesss xo

Emma said...

Yep, I definitely need this in my life!! Lovely photos :D xxx

The Style Rawr said...

Next Boots points purchase for sure! It looks legit!

J x

Karen said...

I'd try this it looks interesting. I gave the magnetic polishes a wide birth, they just didn't stand out as something I'd like but a holo polish yes please.

Danielle said...

It looks nice but I think I definitely prefer the effect with the Gosh version though!

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